How it works

The T-Sense is a multichannel stethoscope, with 32 multichannel microphone transducers configured to be fixed over the thorax.

Each transducer generates a signal indicative of the pressure waves at the location of the transducer at the time.

Each transducer picks up vibrations as air moves in and out of the lung parenchyma.

The microphones are divided into subsets, where each subset overlies a specific region of the lungs.

T-Sense benefits compared to traditional devices

Easy to install and use with simple T-Lab software
It’s transportable and can be used bedside
Radiation-free, safe for pregrnant women and children
Non-invasive, in some cases can replace autopsy

T-Lab Software

The T-Lab is cross-platform software application used together with the T-Sense, It interprets the lung sound signals from analog to digital and provides a platform for analysis of lung sounds, sharing of lung sounds and an advanced modules for lung imaging and lung function testing.