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T-Sense: All in one vitals measurement device  

Product Description

The T-Sense 1000 is an all in one vitals measurement device. With T-Sense there is no need to purchase many devices to collect vitals.

The T-Sense is configured with a blood pressure measurement module with a MITSUMI high accuracy pressure sensor it also records vital signs such as heart rate, ECG, blood oxygen and respiration. All this data reflects a person's specific state of health.

T-Sense integrates a blood oxygen sensor, infrared body temperature sensor, blood glucose monitoring, and test module, single lead ECG test module (supportive of multiple-lead test cable) into one portable device. 

Performance Description

Technical Specifications:
Power voltage: DC3.7V
Size: 70mm x 70mm x 18.4mm
Weight: approximately 70g
Wireless communication: Bluetooth 4.0
Working frequency: 2.4000GHz-2.4835GHz
Electric shock protection: BF-style applied part
Blood pressure/heart rate
Measuring method: oscillometric method,
Cuff perimeter: 22-35cm
Measuring range: blood pressure 0-300mmHg
Systolic pressure: 60-260mmHg
Diastolic pressure: 40-199mmHg
Heart rate: 40-180bpm
Measuring error: blood pressure ±3 mmHg
Heart rate ±5%
Blood oxygen sensor

Laser Sensor
Temperature measurement
Measuring method: infra-red
Measuring part: forehead
Measuring range: 32℃ - 42℃
Measuring error: 36-39℃ ±0.2℃,>39℃ or <36℃ ±0.3℃
Glucose measurement
Measurement range: 1.1mmol/L~33.3mmol/L
Measurement time: 5S±1S
Test system repeatability: when the sample concentration < 5.5mmol/L(100mg/dL), the test imprecision will be shown by standard deviation, SD<0.42mmol/L(<7.7mg/dL), when the sample concentration ≥ 5.5mmol/L (≥100mg/dL), the test imprecision will be showed by variable coefficient, CV<7.5%
ECG measurement
Measurement mode: Single lead
Input impedance: >10MΩ
Input circuit current: <0.1uA
Calibration voltage: 1mV±0.05mV
Sensitivity tolerance: <<10%
50Hz interference suppression filter : >20dB
Maximum input range : +- 4.7mV
Polarization resistance voltage :+-300mV, Amplitude variation <10%
Frequency response :0.5-40Hz
Overshoot: not more than 20%