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Enabling real-time collaboration with T-Scope Live

T Scope
Healthcare from a distance with the T-Scope Live Tele-ultrasound platform

The T-Scope Live platform is a set of features for live video and audio collaboration and consultation between a ‘primary’ T-Scope user (such as an attending physician, nurse, midwife etc.) and an expert sonographer, radiologist or specialist, considered as the ‘secondary’ user.

Facilitates instant video/audio calls from the T-Scope app for consultation on an ongoing Ultrasound Exam.
Facilitates scheduling of video/audio meetings for consultation during an Ultrasound exams to be performed on the T-Scope app at a future date, and sending out invites to concerned parties.
Facilitates consultation on an already performed exam on the T-Scope Cloud platform as either a scheduled/instant video/audio meeting.
Remote Healthcare
HIPAA Compliant secure instant messaging and file transfer

Medical Training
Fast, clear and secure tele-consultations over the internet

Breaking Barriers
Remote education and supervision tools

T-Health ScanerT-Health Scaner
T-Health Scaner
Extending the reach
of quality healthcare
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