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T-Scope: More than an Electronic Stethoscope  

Product Description

The T-Scope 1000 is a specialized contact based auxiliary device intended for medical diagnoses of respiratory and heart diseases. The Smallest, Versatile, Most Intelligent and Powerful Electronic Stethoscope.

Listen to heart, lung and other body sounds with over 300X amplification, stunning clarity, and depth of sound.

Record, save and share the auscultation for diagnosis follow-up, unlike any other stethoscope.

Performance Description

Product size: 58 x 78mm
Colors: silver+blue
Charging instruction: 3.7V Lithium battery
Work mode: continuous work
Storage environment: -20 to 55°C, RH ≤80%
Frequency: 20Hz-3Hz
Volume: normal 60dB, maximum 110dB, 6 levels adjustable
Storage:12 section, file storage for every -30 seconds
Playback: normal speed and half-speed playback
Transmission: Bluetooth transmission, multi-point synchronization sharing
Signal process: DSP signal processing technology, anti-ambient noise, anti-friction sound, sensitively distinguish heart sound, fetal heart sound, and bowel sound
Battery: 200mAh
Standby: 180 hours