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Tambua Computer Aided Auscultations

Lung Sound Visualization and Analysis

The Tambua App Algorithm allows simultaneous visual and audible detection of abnormal adventitious sounds. The sound recording system has a frequency filter which can tune the system for lung and heart sounds. These sounds can be displayed, recorded and played back, for each auscultation position.


The Tambua App allows for closer looks into specific sounds. For example, it can be used to determine if a patient’s short wheeze due to asthma or is a Crackle caused by pneumonia or Pulmonary TB. As a check on the physician’s interpretation, the Tambua App counts crackles, wheezes, and irregular patterns of inspiration and expiration. These counts are displayed and recorded on the Tambua App Interface.

Heart Sound Visualization and Analysis

The Tambua App algorithm visualizes and detects anomalous heart beats and rhythms for the purpose of screening for cardiac diseases and ailments. Through the Tambua App heart sounds can be stored, shared and analyzed in real time. The Tambua Analysis platform uses deep learning principles and a wide dataset to classify different heart auscultations.