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Visualize and Analyze cardiopulmonary Auscultations using the Tambua App

The Tambua App

The Tambua App is a cross-platform software application which provides a fast means to capture, play and analyze lung and heart sounds. The Tambua App is fully compatible with normal auscultation, providing the physician with additional objective information as a complement to the subjective information from auscultation; particularly effective in the diagnosis of heart illnesses, pneumonia, asthma, and COPD and Pulmonary Tuberculosis.

The Tambua App brings computing power to stethoscopes. Using the output of an electronic stethoscope, the Tambua App visualizes and displays the sounds that the physician is hearing. These lung and heart sounds can be replayed along with a waveform visualization in the time or frequency domain. Waveform displays reveal diagnostic information often not heard on the auscultation.

In addition, the Tambua App analyzes lung sounds for the presence of abnormal sounds. Wheezes and crackles are counted and displayed on the screen. Captured sounds can be shared with other physicians or saved for future reference. The Tambua App can be used as a phonocardiogram and is also designed for the recording, replay, display and automated analysis of lung sounds. 



By using the Tambua App, a medical professional can:

  • Visualize, save and share lung and heart sounds, improving auscultation accuracy

  • Quantify crackle counts and wheeze rates, allowing more precise evaluations

  • Print or archive lung and heart sounds

  • Examine specific sounds more closely, thereby aiding diagnosis

  • Accurately screen for respiratory diseases including Pneumonia, Asthma, COPD and Pulmonary TB