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Acoustic Biomarkers for Respiratory diseases

What are Biomarkers?

Biomarkers are unique identifiers that help in the identification of medical conditions, while patients give symptoms physicians look for biomarkers. We are using the Tambua Platform to develop lung sound-derived biomarkers that distinguish Pneumonia, Asthma and COPD patients from age-matched controls. We quantify time, frequency and intensity based acoustic parameters and other metadata using an omnichannel contact microphone placed on the chest surface.

Some of the Biomarkers Identified


  1. Inspiration Crackle Rate and Expiration Crackle Rate

  2. Inspiration Wheeze Rate and Expiration Wheeze Rate

  3. The ratio of the duration of inspiration to the duration of expiration

  4. High-frequency components during Inspiration and Expiration

  5. Impulsive signal components during Inspiration and Expiration