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Clinical Applications

1. Radiology Imaging

Radiology from head-to-toe requires a combined effort. Which is why our
ultrasound solutions are here to make your life easier. Our versatile
ultrasound solutions suit all patients and budgets, in both public and private

a. Diagnostic Radiology imaging

Ultrasound imaging is an indispensable real-time diagnostic tool in today’s
clinical practice. Its non-invasive nature enables a fast, stress-free
examination for patients. And when combined with our high-quality imaging
technologies we give clinicians the ability to study structures inside the
human body with amazing clarity – and easy and reliable image
interpretation for each specialty.

i) Outstanding Image clarity from near-to-far for every patient

Our powerful image processing brings a new perspective to patient care with
the adoption of the latest advances in ultrasound technology: Full digital
beamformer, Parallel Beamforming, Advanced Spatial Compound (linear and
convex), Tissue Harmonics with Pulse Inversion technology (iTHI), WideView
imaging (linear and convex), Advanced Speckle Reduction Imaging and  
Digital Doppler Multi-Beam Processing. With excellent image resolution,
you’ll obtain clear, homogenous images for all your patients, enabling a
quick, easy and detailed clinical assessment

ii) Personalized imaging that identifies lesions earlier

With our high quality imaging you’ll get crystal-clear, sharp B-mode images
with high resolution; plus the ability to differentiate the most subtle

Differences and emphasize boundaries around organs - helping you identify
lesions early.

iii) Spot micro-vasculature in structures or lesions with highly
sensitive color imaging modes

Our high quality doppler imaging modes  drastically improve the visualization
of very slow vessels, highly dynamic blood flows with high frame rate as well
as clear and accurate information on blood perfusion.

iv) Improve tissue characterization and vascularity with
contrast imaging

We know that to diagnose and treat abdominal lesions with confidence, it’s
vital to understand tissue structures and vascularity in detail. It’s why our
contrast-enhanced ultrasound provides valuable insights when looking at
lesions in the liver and other organs.

b. Musculoskeletal & small parts imaging

i) High resolution imaging for musculoskeletal examinations

Our powerful imaging processing technologies enable you to obtain crystal-
clear images with excellent in-depth penetration for muscle and skeletal
imaging. From voluminous muscled to the tiniest nerves and tendons.

ii) Spot micro-vasculature in structures or lesions with highly
sensitive color imaging modes

Now you can see vessels you’ve never been able to spot before - with our
high-resolution color imaging modes. Study vascularization at the tiniest

iii) Get full control of interventional procedures

Use our ultrasound devices to successfully guide interventional procedures
like FNA biopsies, infiltration or anesthesiology and targeted drug delivery

c. Breast Imaging

i) Get a clear image and detect tissue abnormalities at an
early stage

With our high quality ultrasound images and imaging modes you’ll get
precise and sharp visualizations of the breast. Clear delineation of tissue
structures will give you a better understanding of the state of the patient.

ii) Understand perfusion in the breast with precision and detail

Guide your treatment or diagnosis steps by assessing vascularity both inside
and around suspicious areas – including the viewing of tiny and slow vessels
with our doppler imaging modes

iii) Examine soft tissue with software based elastography

Understand tissue elasticity and differentiate between benign and malignant
lesions/tumors on a color map.

d. Guidance for interventional procedures

i) Perform precise needle navigation

No more blind procedures, use our ultrasound device to guide needle
navigation with application in regional anesthesia, pain management,
targeted drug delivery, intra-articular injections and infusion.

ii) Perform precise biopsy guidance

Our T-Scope ultrasound device can help you locate abdominal lesions with precision and then guide direct access for better in tip confirmation and reduction of false negative rate.

Radiology Imaging

2. Urology

Detect, biopsy, diagnose, treat and follow up - with high-quality ultrasound
solutions for all stages of urology patient care.

a. Kidney & Bladder Imaging

Check the anatomy and functionality of the urinary system with high-quality abdominal ultrasound Images.

i) Assess perfusion within the kidney with high sensitivity

Our highly sensitive Doppler modes help you gain a deeper understanding of renal perfusion and check for asymmetries or non-vascular areas.

ii) Get clear tissue differentiation with hard patients

Our highly sensitive transabdominal ultrasound will help you get clear tissue differentiation whatever the patients BMI

iii) Accurately measure bladder volume

3. Surgery

The best solution for ultrasound imaging in the OR.
Improve patient outcomes with our high quality imaging and precise guidance before, during and after interventional procedures. Our ultrasound solutions integrate seamlessly into your surgical workflow, presenting an efficient, cost-effective, real-time and high-resolution imaging tool - with the necessary flexibility to adapt to your plan.

a. Regional Anesthesiology

No more blind procedures, use our ultrasound device to guide needle
navigation with application in regional anesthesia, pain management,
targeted drug delivery, intra-articular injections and infusion.


4. Cardiovascular

Heart disease pathologies can be slow in showing their signs. Early detection
is key. Heart disease pathologies can be slow in showing their signs. Early
detection is key – and our dedicated cardiovascular ultrasound solutions help
you achieve it by providing highly specialized and detailed information on
cardiac function and the connecting arterial system.

a) Superior imaging on a handheld ultrasound device

We provide hospital-grade cardiac imaging in a wireless scanner. Our cardiovascular solutions for ultrasound are based on excellent image quality. The interplay of image processing, probe technology and superior image optimization help capture the best cardiac ultrasound images.

b) Hemodynamic analytics

Heart failure is a prevalent medical condition and often comes along with hospitalization – impacting quality of life as well as healthcare costs. Detect very early signs of heart disease with information gained from our hemodynamic analytics. This specialized package visualizes and assesses cardiac blood flow from various angles, so you can base your decisions on grounded, clinical data – for accurate prognosis and patient treatment.

c) AI for quick precise Imaging and measurements

With our AI plugins, any healthcare professional can capture diagnostic-quality ultrasound images thanks to AI based ultrasound image acquisition guidance and ultrasound image grading.

d) Vascular Imaging

Early detection and prevention of cardiovascular diseases like diabetes or arteriosclerosis is especially essential because they can affect other organs as the blood travels through them. It’s why we developed specialized tools for the morphological and functional assessment of vessels – giving you reliable data for a confident diagnosis.

5. Women’s Health

From pregnancy check-ups of maternal and fetal wellbeing, to oncological
care of organs like the uterus, ovaries and breast, women need access to
various screening options to protect their health.

a. Ultrasound for complete fetal assessment

Many factors contribute to a successful pregnancy exam with ultrasound:
high image quality, the right transducer, clear color visualizations, reliable measurements, and advanced imaging modes. We offer all of this, and more, in a wide range of solutions for large hospitals as well as small practices all on a portable ultrasound device

i) See small details clearly at an early gestation age

ii) Spot micro-vasculature in fetal and maternal anatomy with highly
sensitive color imaging modes

iii) Automated measurements for better accuracy using AI

b) Fetal 3D/4D Imaging

Our 3DView software allows generation of a 3D-volumetric image of the organ or pathology under examination. The software allows viewing coronal, sagittal and lateral scans as well as oblique cuts from the gathered volume. The three-dimensional realistic imaging of anatomic structures can be achieved with standard transducer.

c. Fetal Heart Imaging

i) See small details clearly at an early gestation age

ii) Visualize , quantify and analyze myocardial functions

iii) Get stable and accurate Doppler measurements to assess cardiac
function and diagnose fetal arrythmia

iv) Analyze myocardial velocities and evaluate the cardiac cycles in
real-time and offline

v) Obtain automated fetal heart measurements in realtime

d. Gynecological imaging

i) Localize, classify, biopsy, treat and monitor pelvic conditions in Oncological Gynecology

ii) Display structures like the uterus in the best plane for easy assessment

e. Breast Imaging

Every patient is different – and so are their soft tissue breast, underarm and lymph node examinations. To help you spot any suspicious signs quickly, we offer various ultrasound tools tailored to the needs of every woman.

i) Get clear ultrasound images to identify and characterize tissue
abnormalities at an early stage

ii) Understand blood flows in the breast with precision and detail

Women’s Health