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Tambua Health Limited is a medical technology software and services company that utilizes Spectral Analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to offer cheap, accessible and reliable Diagnosis solutions for Lower Respiratory Tract Infections. We are also advancing the use of digital therapeutics and healthcare informatics

Artificial Intelligence

We use Artificial Intelligence to offer tele-diagnosis solutions for Lower Respiratory Tract Infections. We also use AI to match, integrate and analyze patient medical records

Digital Therapeutics

Digital Therapeutics are digital technologies that, in the hands and homes of patients, can improve health outcomes without the cost and access constraints of clinical case management.

Machine Learning

We utilize machine learning algorithms in fields where sequential data are to be modelled and classified. We use machine learning algorithms to accurately annotate and classify data.

Health Infomatics

We help healthcare institutions understand the data that they are collecting by offerring dynamic visualisations. This improves patient outcomes.

half circle iconTambua App

The Tambua App is revolutionalizing Lower Respiratory Tract Infection Diagnostic tools.

What is the Tambua App?

We developed the Tambua App which is a smartphone application for diagnosing Tuberculosis and Pneumonia. We are leveraging the abundance of smartphones in Africa to turn them into diagnostic tools. The Tambua app is very easy to use, the users record their cough in a quiet room without any extraneous noise. Takes at least 10 cough samples. The users then record their symptoms, risk factors, clinical information and demographics. The app analyses the recorded cough sound. It then uses the machine learning algorithms developed by our team to classify the cough pattern. A process that would have taken 3 weeks or more is now taking minutes, the Tambua app is 83% sensitive, non-invasive, cheap and fast. Our Tambua App goes beyond diagnosis to patient engagement where we connect infected personnel to clinics and public health officials and offer digital patient medical response tracking through digital therapeutic technology.

Get to know more about the technology and the process.

The design of the Tambua diagnosis system includes the implementation of an automatic cough segmenter (annotator) to detect cough episodes within continuous recordings in a controlled environment. Hidden Markov models (HMMs) are used for this purpose. The HMM system are designed to detect three sound events (cough, silence and other), with a reported frame accuracy of 87.16%. For the audio based classifier the Logistic regression algorithm is implemented. For classification of the clinical (meta) data, logistic regression algorithm is also used. The best system after feature selection was then combined with the best meta data classifier using logistic regression as a fusion method. This led to a system with a sensitivity, specificity, accuracy, AUC and kappa of 82.35%,80.95%,81.58%,94.34% and 0.6867 respectively. The Tambua App Keeps relevant patient information in a digital profile to de-clutter and optimize working environments and also track patient recovery over the course of treatment.

Advantages of the Tambua Application

  • It is a non-invasive method of diagnosis of Lower Respiratory Tract Infections. We do not introduce objects in bodies of people
  • It is cheap and accessible. Smartphones are readily available and very cheap to acquire
  • It is essential in the mapping and mitigation of Lower Respiratory Tract Infections
  • Tambua App

    half circle iconLifeLink Medical Interoperability Gateway

    The LifeLink Integration Platform integrates with all major EMR, EHR, Patient Registration and Practice Management systems.

    IPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service)

    The LifeLink Medical Interoperability Gateway is a scalable, flexible API available to healthcare technology companies looking to bolster their interoperability options by adding an API that adheres to the healthcare market’s most rapidly growing data standard. Our revolutionary iPaaS product is a fully-managed integration platform for healthcare companies that don’t have the time, energy, or finances to build an in-house integration platform.

    Interoperability Made Easy

    When deploying our LifeLink iPaaS we work with healthcare IT companies to develop standard API endpoints, so we can leverage a single outbound endpoint from a vendor application to generate a myriad of formats that your clients will need, since many EHRs have different requirements for inbound data. This reduces the development effort on IT companies by allowing LifeLink Interoperability Gateway to handle the heavy lifting of shaping a standardized dataset into multiple delivery formats based on client needs.

    Advantages of the LifeLink Interoperability Gateway

  • Access to a backend analytics portal that gives a birds-eye view of your data
  • Enables easy communication and inter medical record sharing
  • Saves costs and nightmare of data integration
  • Tambua App

    half circle iconMeet our management team

    Lewis Wanjohi

    Chief Executive Officer

    Lewis is a software engineer with a strong belief in the use of technology to solve the problems facing the developing world. Lewis has led his team in the development and deployment of many enterprise data management and analytics systems in Africa. Lewis is a certified software engineer, has worked with IBM and the MIT Media Labs in Robotics and AI projects.

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    Daniel Gathigai

    Chief Technology Officer

    Daniel Gathigai is a Data Scientist and full stack Developer. Daniel has over five years in health tech software development and implementation. Daniel worked as a Safaricom and IBM Consultant for two years. Daniel’s first startup was a Fintech Company which created and implemented bulk payments processing and analytics for small and medium size companies.

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    Eric Kirima

    Chief Systems Architect

    Eric Kirima is a software engineer specializing in data analytics, data fusion and optimization. Eric has worked in software development and data analytics for three years.Eric is passionate about health and believes in the intersection of computer science and medicine to spring innovation in healthcare.

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